Rechargeable Lithium-ion

The product range includes lithium-ion miniature cells, perfect for small devices and wearable applications. The cells offer the highest energy density on the market which makes it very popular within several different industries.

The cells are a result of innovative technology and high-quality components, and GP has long experience and in-depth knowledge with rechargeable battery technology.

Certified safety

If the battery core reaches abnormal conditions a high-quality ceramic-coated polyethylene (PE) separator acts as a built-in shutdown method. Also, the batteries are equipped with built-in vent that relieve internal pressure if it rises above normal levels.

Expansion free

The cells have a mechanical stability and do not expand or swell. The cells are made of highest quality steel and has built-in safety features which makes it possible to maintain precise dimension.

Quick to charge

With a charging rate of 3C up to 5C the cells deliver fast charging. 

Application areas

earphones and charging case
Digital pens
Internet of Things
Glasses with built-in cameras
Wearable devices
Wireless earphones

Compliance ready

The cells are IEC62133, UL1642, and UN38.3 compliance ready.

Product range

Rated capacity (mAh)537575
Rated Voltage (V)
Max dimension OD (mm)
Max dimension HT (mm)5.857.55.85
Max. Disscharge Current (mA)106150150
Max. Charging Curreny Voltage (V)
Max. Charging Current (per GP fast charge method)106150150