Zinc air

The main application area is hearing aids considering the stable and long-lasting battery power supply. The service time is very durable and the need for replacements are minimized.


The robust structure provides high resistance against shock and vibration impact

Long shelf life

The cells can be stored in room temperature for three years 3 years with insignificant capacity loss.

Corrosion resistant

The cells are coated with special anti-corrosion treatment.

Application areas

hearing aids

Product range

ModelDimension (mm)Voltage (V)Nominal Capacity (mAh)
ZA10Ø 5.8H 3.61.490.0
ZA13Ø 7.9H 5.41.4290.0
ZA312Ø 7.9H 3.61.4170.0
ZA675Ø 11.6H 5.41.4620.0