Primary Lithium

Primary Lithium Cells are available as both cylindrical and button cells. The cells supply power with high energy density, safety, and durability.

The cylindrical cells are equipped with a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) to protect the cells and the user against safety issues and overcurrent faults, such as external short circuit.

Safe and reliable

Primary lithium cells deliver a stable, reliable voltage and high energy density. To prevent external short circuiting and internal pressure the cylindrical cells are equipped with a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and a positive cap with safety vents. 

Powerful and long-lasting

Lithium batteries have a long service life, low self-discharge and are suitable for applications that requires high power.


The cells can be used in environments with high variation in temperature. From -40°C to +60°C for Cylindrical cells and -20°C to +65°C for button cells.

Cylindrical Cells

Application areas

home security

Product range

ModelDimension (mm)Voltage (V)
CR14250Ø 14.5H 25.03.0
CR2Ø 15.6H 27.03.0
CR123AØ 16.8H 34.53.0
CR2/3AØ 16.8H 34.03.0
CR17450Ø 17H 45.03.0
CR-P2L 34.8W 19.5H 35.86.0
2CR5L 34.8W 17.0H 45.06.0
CR-V9L 34.8W 17.5H 48.59.0
15LFØ 14.5H 50.01.5
24LFØ 10.5H 44.51.5

Button Cells

Application areas

remote controls

Product range

ModelDimension (mm)Voltage (V)Nominal Capacity (mAh)
CR1216Ø 12.5H
CR1220Ø 12.5H
CR1616Ø 12.5H
CR1620Ø 16.0H
CR1632Ø 16.0H 3.23.0140.0
CR2016Ø 20.0H
CR2025Ø 20.0H 2.53.0160.0
CR2032Ø 20.0H 3.23.0220.0
CR2430Ø 24.5H 3.03.0300.0
CR2450Ø 24.5H 5.03.0600.0