Carbon Zinc

This is a well-tested chemistry that have existed in over 100 years. The cells are cylindrical cells and suits applications that require different drain rates. Most suitable for devices that requires light, moderate, or continuous drain.


Very low variation in both electrical and mechanical characteristics between individual cells and consistent quality.


Compared to alkaline cells Caron Zinc is more economical in terms of hourly cost on moderate current drains.


The Chemical formula is optimized chemical for a better performance. During extended storage time the cells retains up to 90% discharge performance.

Application areas

Smoke detectors
Remote controls

Product range

ModelDimension (mm)Voltage (V)IECJISEvereadyOther
13GØ 34.2H 61.51.5R20PR20P1250D
14GØ 26.2H 50.01.5R14PR14P1235C
15GØ 14.5H 50.51.5R6PR6P1215AA
24GØ 10.5H 44.51.5R03R031212AAA
312GL 62.0W 22.0H 67.04.53R123R12--
908GL 66.0W 66.0H 111.06.04R254R25509-
1604GL 26.5W 17.5H 48.59.06F226F221222-