Batteries for industrial applications

Primary and rechargeable GP-batteries for various industrial applications. Made with the customer in mind and with safety in focus.


GPBM Industry offers high quality cells and battery packs manufactured by GP Batteries. GPBM Industry are GP Batteries representative in the Nordic countries, Italy and France and can support you with everything from choice of chemistry to design of a complete battery system.

The assortment includes both primary cells and rechargeable cells and can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Application areas

Our batteries are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. The primary and rechargeable batteries can be selected for a particular application depending on demand and needs.

GP-batteries are appropriate for high drain devices and those that demand regular battery replacement.

From true wireless to emergency lighting- our batteries have a wide range of possibilities.

True wireless

Applications with wireless connection often requires small, rechargeable batteries with slim design. GPBM Industry has many years of experience with this technology and can provide you with battery solutions for applications such as wireless headsets and hearing aids.

Internet of things

IoT is currently one of the fastest growing application areas and more and more devices are connected. We have long experience with applications within IoT as well as wireless connections and can provide both battery solutions and knowledge. 

Home automation

Home automation systems becomes more and more common in our homes and can be beneficial both for the tenants as well as the environment. The choice of a safe and long-lasting battery is important, and we have a wide assortment and can support you in making the best choice for your application.


Applications such as security cameras, alarm systems and fire detectors are often installed in peoples’ home and therefore require high safety and accuracy. Our product range includes both primary and rechargeable batteries suitable for applications within security.

Emergency lightning

This application saves lives every day and the need for high quality cells as a back-up in case of an emergency is crucial. This is one of our expertise areas and we can support you in design and development of a battery pack including cells adapted for this application. 


In case of a car accident or a situation were you quickly need to contact SOS, emergency call systems is a life saver. For this application we can support you with the correct battery pack according to your specifications. 

We are very pleased with the GP NiMH batteries used in our e-light. High quality batteries with more than 10 years’ service life.

– Luxdesign, Norway.