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With over 35 + years of expertise in the battery industry, we know just how to take any given project from start to finish.

GPBM Industry – our history

It all began with a friendship and a desire for independence. Stefan Rundéus, Anders Lundin, and Gunnar Axelsson – a Swedish trio – founded the company in 1986 in Gothenburg by providing batteries for digital clocks. They spent hours and hours in a little basement, motivated by the desire to create something big. And it turned out to be a success!

As part of the Cebon Group, we provide a diverse range of products for industrial demands and various projects in a variety of application areas. We believe in long-term relationships in which the customer has the opportunity to be involved in the entire process.

And where we, along with our clients, will do everything possible to succeed in any given situation.

Let´s continue the journey that started back in 1986. And do it with a sustainability in mind…

Years in industry

Our values


We always act with sustainability in mind. We care about the people who work with us, the quality of our products and the planet as whole when we make business decisions. With a strong and sustainable partner like GP Batteries, we know that we provide long-lasting and sustainable solutions, but the work to provide even better products for a better tomorrow is continuously ongoing.


We are a well-established company with a thorough and well-proven assortment. All of our products are proven stable over time, and their quality and safety is of utmost importance.


We promise to guide and support our customers in their developing process, to discover the best solution for them. We strive to always be in it for the long run.


We are honest and transparent in all communications with our stakeholders. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships based on trust.


We have extensive experience in the industry and we strive to always guide our customers with the support of our technical expertise.

A part of GP Batteries

GPBM Industry provides GP batteries in the Nordic, French, and Italian markets. With clients all around Europe, we are able to offer the best solution for specific needs. Thousands of projects for many industries and application sectors have been completed during our years of strong relationship with GP batteries. Yet, we believe in greater results and even more opportunities in the future. Because we make things happen when we work together!

Welcome to Sörred – our battery warehouse in Sweden

Without any doubt, our batteries are the most traveled of us all. They make over 21 000 kilometers before ending up on the storage shelf at the warehouse in Swedish Sörred (Gothenburg).

When taking our customers to this place, they always react similarly – surprised by the size of the warehouse and its storage capacity. The staff who work here daily greatly impacts our supply chain, with clear guidelines on how everything should be handled from when the batteries end up in the warehouse to when we send them over to the customer.

Are you also interested in visiting the warehouse? Let´s get in touch then!

Million batteries
Square meter storage
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