How do you take care of your spent electronic devices?


Spent electronics a.k.a. E-Waste.

Most of us have it. An untouched pile of old cables, earphones, digital cameras, phones etc. These spent electronics are also known as E-Waste. But how do you take care your E-Waste? Here’s a list of 4 tips.

1. Check the condition

Do a fast check-up on your electronics. Are they still working and only have some beauty flaws? Or are they completely wasted and nearly impossible to power up?

2. Sell or donate Many of the devices we store at home are good enough to be sold or donated to second hand stores. With many new apps and the Facebook Marketplace you’ll have an ad up and running in seconds.

3. Repair Perhaps some of your E-Waste is just in need of a new battery or some new cables. There are many online stores that sell spare parts for a reasonable price, or you could find a service store that can repair it for you.

4. Recycle If any of the above dosen’t fit or work – the final way to go is to recycle your E-Waste. Look up your local waste management or sanitation department. They will most problably tell you more about how and where to recycle your electronics.

Why do we write about this?

As a provider of batteries and battery solutions we feel a responsibility to follow up on the whole product life, not only at the beginning where we are involved. Plastic and chemical waste are two of many grave factors of the world’s increasing problems around pollution and waste. One of our ways of playing our part in protecting the environment is to make a handy guide on how to take care of your E-Waste.

Down below you can see other ways on how we try to make a difference.

01. Green Investement

All of the sustainable investments that we do in the GPBM Nordic Group are labelled under the Green Investment project.

02. El-Kretsen

We are members of the Swedish El-Kretsen– a nationally approved collection system of electrical and electronical waste and batteries. Find out more about El-Kretsen.

03. Freepower Solar boat

A project led under Green Investment. We support Bjurtech with their project Freepower Solar Boat. Read more about their project here.

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